So, the first placement! My first week is at Withers & Rogers LLP, a patent and trade mark attorney firm in Leamington Spa where my Uncle works. I’m working in the marketing department, and it’s all quite scary and new! But I have my own desk and email, and everyone has been really lovely. So far I’ve been shown the system quite extensively, looked through their old press releases, been taught some of the basic points of marketing, been shown their PR / Marketing plan, sat in on a telephone interview with one of the partners for an Independent blog article on marketing in the Olympics, and done some extensive research into their competitions’ online news centres. So quite busy for just two days! So far, so good :) Hoping to do some writing for their internal newsletter at some point, but I’m trying to just be a sponge at the moment, and soak everything up that I’m hearing and seeing around me. I’ll keep you posted! 

A little bit behind with this, oops sorry! So on Wednesday 18th January, I headed back up to Leeds for the hand in / exam week. I arrived around midday after an eight hour coach journey, and headed straight off house hunting with the girls I’m living with next year! Five hours later… we had our house! All signed for and deposits paid, which is a great feeling and a huge weight off all of our minds! So that night was definitely party night, especially seeing as it was my birthday on the following Friday! So off six off us went to O2 (good old O2) where we had a cracking night, ending in McDonalds with five pairs of achey feet (one pair went home early - wimp!). However that nice was supposed to be essay night, oops. Awoke the next morning feeling less than fresh, but still managed to get to Uni before 12 to meet the deadline for one essay and the portfolio… but minus one essay! Massive oops! Unfortunately when I arrived back at my flat, I was in no state to sit down and write 2,000 words, so I hit the sack instead, and stayed there for the next five hours. When I woke up, I hit the gym, sweated out the toxins aaand… went straight back to bed. Oops. Friday was exam day! Everyone flocked to Headingley for our two hour exam, which actually passed relatively painlessly. Getting a taxi back was the tricky part, but we finally made it back around 7pm (exam was at 2pm), and after a quick gym session I headed straight for the library. I left at 3am, victorious but knackered, and slept most of Saturday. And then it was Sunday! Time to return home for a week again. And I wouldn’t be seeing my lovely Leeds (note the change in attitude to my adopted home town!) for another three weeks as I was starting… my first ever placement! More on that to come, but that should keep us updated for now! As you can tell, I’m feeling much happier about Leeds, mainly because I’ve got some of the loveliest friends up there now! Missing you girls! 

So the Christmas presents are wrapped, my suitcase is nearly packed, my room is immaculate, I’ve eaten all my food and I’ve only got one load of washing left to do - yep, I’m definitely going home in two days time! It’s been a pretty busy week so far - lots of jobs to do and lots of hours at work, but tomorrow I’m going to view some houses which I’m so excited about! Really looking forward to living with the girls next year, they’re all so lovely and we’re so alike - I think our house is going to be one big, girly sleepover! I’ve got a couple of essays I want to get done before I go home, so I’m getting down to them tonight hopefully. Then it’s just the office Christmas lunch on Friday and then I’m off to the coach station and on a coach to London to see my sister! So excited, I haven’t seen her in so long and I really miss her! Getting a National Express coach to London because it was only a tenner, so I will keep you posted on how they compare to Megabus! Ah so excited. Right, now off to do more jobs! 

So, the last weekend in Leeds is over! I have to say, it was a pretty busy one - lots of Christmas shopping, lots of organising, lots of writing lists - but Lewis and I still had our chilled lazy evenings (we’re a bit of a sucker for them if you hadn’t already guessed!). This weekend we have drank far too much Orangina and other crap food (spaghetti bolagnaise with chips anyone?) so I definitely think it’s time for the gym next week! Uni has pretty much finished - one more seminar to go to next Tuesday and I’m done! I’m working pretty much full time at the office next week as well for a few more pennies before Christmas - well, every little helps! Just five days to go until I’m home… could I be any more excited?!

Back from a busy, and long, weekend in Bristol! Because lectures are winding down at Uni now, I didn’t have to be back until the Tuesday morning, which meant a nice long weekend with Lewis :) We spent Friday Christmas shopping, and then the other three days just chilling out watching films and getting our own Uni work done. I also had my first ever microwave meal! It was macaroni cheese, and I can’t say I thought it was very nice, but hey, at least I can say I’m a proper student now! Also, did my presentation today for PR Skills and I think it went okay! People laughed in the right places and didn’t fall asleep, so I think that’s a good sign :) Feeling good! Looking forward to the last weekend in Leeds with Lewis this weekend, and then home next week! Just where has the time gone?!

Well that was a busy week! Lots of Uni work, a brilliant networking event on Thursday hosted by the PRCA which I helped out at, a visit to White Rose shopping centre with Manda on Monday, and lots of work, seeing people and organising Christmas in between! The PRCA event was amazing - met lots of interesting people from the industry and made a few contacts, success! Equally exciting, the write up that I did for the event is being featured on the PRCA student website, win :) The trip to White Rose was also lots of fun - neither of us had been there before but it’s massive with all our favourite shops - definitely going back there! :) Leeds is looking really festive now - all the shops have their festive window displays up, the Rose Bowl has several trees dotted about the place and the evenings are getting dark so early now! Ah, I feel like a little kid :) And now the weekend, I’m off to Bristol to see Lewis and start our Christmas shopping properly - can’t wait to see him :)

I went home for the weekend! Haha, it was a big surprise so I didn’t tell anyone at home, which so was so tricky! But so worth it when I turned up on my best friend’s doorstep and she burst into tears.. aww! After a couple of hours nattering away to her, we then went to surprise one of our other best friends, who was equally cute and happy to see me! Spent a few more hours at her house catching up on everything, and then my Dad came and picked me up to come home - was so lovely just to be back in my house! After a quick pop into the pub where I work to say hello to everyone, I went straight to bed - ahh, double bed! The next morning disaster struck when Dad managed to go to Dorset to visit my grandparents - taking my car keys with him! But after a lazy morning watching films, I had them back by the afternoon and I popped into town for a coffee (well, green tea in my case!) with my stepmum, then on to Lewis’ house to see everyone there! We then went out for an Indian with his Dad, his Dad’s partner and his brother which was yummy! Back to Lewis’ again for a lazy evening in front of the TV with his family, then a nice long sleep - perfect :) Sunday went all too quickly in a blur of roast dinners, seeing people, saying goodbye again and packing to go home. It’s also my Dad’s 50th next week, so I left him a little surprise on my bedroom wall, as you can see above :) My coach left at 7am on Monday morning, and whilst I’m sad to be back here again and missing everyone already, it’s really not long until Christmas - woo!

Pretty average week - been at work quite lot and out and about seeing people. A guy at work made this post it note for me - ahh internet meme related humour! Went to dinner at a friend’s flat on Wednesday which was lovely, I’ve been eating on my own in my room for too long! Was a really nice girly evening with her and her flatmate - yummy food, then curling up on the ‘sofa’ (if the rock hard chairs Opal 1 gives us count as a sofa!) with Ben & Jerrys to watch Don’t Tell The Bride! Ah, bliss :) Then Lewis was here for the weekend, so that was nice and chilled - we didn’t really get up to much, but just being together was nice enough in itself :)